Works available for purchase.

Bruce and Selena live in a concrete bunker. This keeps them safe from the outside world–a ravaged and wasted place no longer safe to travel. A place without hope save for what hope love may foster. For more on why I have chosen to publish a previously published story, click here.

Also in this book, Ghosting for Fools. A comedic short story featuring a sexually deviant ghost who plots to escape her ethereal bounds. A war is waged with a young mortal man named Clive, the subject of her haunts, and the two battle until the bitter end.






Click here to check it out.

Soon to come: A previously published short story entitled Dark Valley, which features two young boys, a cave, and the surreal monsters they find within its illusory depths. And then The Becoming. Stark. Visceral. Brutal beyond all hope, for what sort of hope could there be in a lightless world.


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