Creative Accomplices

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Friends with Creative Minds

I happen to know a few people who possess certain creative talents, all of which happen to be more visual than myself. Concrete. Photography. Film. These are their areas of expertise, among others. Without further ado, here at the creative minds I speak of:

Billy Losleben: Owner, designer, and manufacturer for the design firm Concrete-Project. Makers of all things concrete with a unique design language that promises to endure the fickle tastes of tomorrow, Concrete-Project offers a unique portfolio of concrete products to keep your living space stylish for all time. From coasters to tables, C-P has you covered.


Writing Desk by Billy at
Writing Desk by Billy at

I have a custom writing desk thanks to Billy. The finish, design, and craftsmanship of the desk are exquisite. Sturdy. Strong. Dynamic. A nice place to be for extended lengths of time. For those of you concerned with temperature, the concrete top seems to repel the surrounding elements rather well.

Kacey Randall: Sometimes militant. Sometimes hippy. Always unpredictable. His photography reflects these core traits. Diverse and dynamic photos from all walks of life. A personality the like of which you’ve never experienced before and aren’t likely to come across again. Make no mistake, should you meet him, he will prove to be one of the most likeable people you’ve ever encountered.


Photo by Kacey at
Photo by Kacey at

Any classy looking pictures of my car, which will hopefully someday come, will be courtesy kcshots, no doubt.

Evan Schultz:

The youngest mind here, yet creative beyond his years. A film school student without the pretentiousness, Evan makes films which belong to every genre, and some that stand apart from categorization altogether. If you fancy the lens through which my stories are told, then watching Evan’s pieces should sate your appetite rather well.


Check out their respective works and see if you find them to your liking.


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