Alone in the Desert–Short story duo!

As I have tired of the routine of submitting and waiting, I have instead decided to proceed onwards and use Kindle’s platform and my pitiful begging (promoting) to get my written works out of my hands and into others. I have not submitted much in my years of stockpiling stories, to be honest. I think I am batting 2 for 6 in lifetime submissions. Not a bad record, but I found that even if I wrote something with the intent of selling it to a magazine or online publication that I no longer derived much enjoyment from the process. It was being tailored for someone else. For their audience and not the minds I would necessarily like to reach. Out of those four rejections, two came from various places asking me to cut around 1k words. I did. And the result was a shallow reading experience, in my estimation. What it comes down to, I feel, is that they would rather the story be more sparse so that they may save themselves the monetary expenses 1k words carry.

Anyways, that has happened a couple times and it leeches the enjoyment of creation away from me. Drop by drop by drop. That is not to say that editing should not be done, but that editing for the sake of saving money is not something I can get behind. The stories were tight and compact and moving at speed. So rather than fit my stories to their needs and monetary expectations, I’m just going to let them do their thing and I am going to do mine. And here is me doing so.

Alone in the Desert features two vastly different stories. The first story tells the tale of Bruce and Selena. Two people who call a concrete bunker home and hide in its walls during the day and scavenge the land at the fall of night. The only hope they have in the world, their love.

Following the title story Alone in the Desert, Ghosting for Fools: a horror-comedy featuring a sexually deviant ghost named Maggie Lynne. A ghost now for a couple millennia, Maggie, bound to the human world by ethereal law, devises a plan to escape her ghostly bounds and reach either heaven or hell. Whereto she goes she cares not. Her lone desire is to move on. A haunting war is waged with a young man named Clive, and the two battle to the end.

The book is available on amazon and I’d greatly appreciate anyone who would give it a go. It would help me out and mean more to me than even the .99 cents affords. Hopefully those of you who purchase it end up enjoying it. If you do all these things and enjoy it, a star rating or a review would only make me further indebted to you. Thank you in advance for any support you can offer.

More of my work will make its way to amazon in 2016, including my novel The Becoming: a violent and bleak thing with no hope at all.colorcartoondesertwithshadowoffset If you read this and made it through the whole thing without clicking on one of the hyper-links, then here it is one last time. HERE. If you are hesitant to part with .99 cents, please read the sample!




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