GT86 Update–How much does it cost to modify a BRZ?


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Long has the time been since I last updated the happenings of my vehicle. Modifications have come, most belonging to the aesthetic domain as opposed to performance, though such enhancements have tagged along as well. The goal of the car was always to do something that was reminiscent of the GT3 treatment a Porsche undergoes when distributed to their performance department. Things that occur when a Porsche endures some surgery in Stuttgart, Germany to earn the GT badge include revised suspension, small yet meaningful power enhancements, revised aerodynamics, and improved chassis rigidity/ tuning. And with such as the model, so too did my BRZ endure some surgery in my dilapidated shop in Washington State. A far cry from Germany, a far cry from the Subaru Technica Institute, from Toyota Racing Department, but an undergoing that has happened nonetheless. Also in this post I will outline the general costs of the things I’ve done, as well as general maintenance and financial demands a car like this requires. This will hopefully help the younger crowd understand how much money to set aside to drive a sports car–an affordable one at that.


The rear of the car has endured the most drastic of changes in the past six months. First, the Limited trim BRZ spoiler was cast away in favor of a TRD style duckbill spoiler. I purchased it from IKON Motorsports, an ebay-esque company, but they’ve earned a bit of a reputation on the FT86club forums for providing a quality piece at an affordable price. Paint-matched to sterling silver metallic, the TRD style spoiler claimed 129 dollars from my dwindling bank account. A manageable amount, no doubt, when considering that a genuine TRD spoiler goes for nearly quadruple that figure.

“He purchased a replica!” you say. Indeed, replica parts are divisive to say the least, but when purposed for a non-crucial component, I see no harm in it. It’s all about money allocation. Three hundred dollars saved on a small spoiler can then be utilized elsewhere. The elsewhere I’m referring to is the TRD Louvers which now cling to the back of my rear window. A genuine part with a shiny TRD badge you can glimpse in the picture above. The louvers were not cheap, but for a part that “has” to fit properly, you should choose none other than the original. I love the look the louvers provide the car–a sort of subdued menace that adds a bit of exoticism and mystery to the rear of the car.

Also added to the rear of the car–lower extensions. Small, cheap pieces of plastic that attach to the underside the bumper and provide a bit of flare. dsc_0985-2

Upcoming modifications on the rear of the car: Works Exhale Axleback Muffler. Should be arriving Tuesday. Purchased a spare set of taillights I plan to cut open, where I will then paint the housing black–the chrome in the taillights just doesn’t suit the car well, in my opinion.


The front of the car has had a cosmetic attachment grafted to the underside of the bumper. A cheap ebay lip for roughly sixty bucks. I don’t have anything tremendous to say about it–I enjoy its looks; how low it makes the car appear; the color offset it provides. But the reduced functionality of the car irks me a bit–driveways are a real menace.


Stiffening/bling factor: Strut tower brace from Cost: $130.00

Not pictured–Perrin Inlet tube: $60.00/ Brake Master Cylinder Brace: $40.00

Modifications Shopping cart:

Clear Sidemarkers: $40.00

Wheels: 720Form GTF1 17×8 +35 powdercoated Misty Midnight: $1,600.00

Lug Nuts: $100.00

Tires: 235/40/R17 Federal Supersteels: $400.00;   235/40/R17 Yokohama S-Drives: $380.00

Mount/Dismount/ Tire Pressure Monitoring System swap: $200.00

RCE Yellow Lowering Springs: $400.00

Tein Flex Z Coilovers: $1,000.00 (Just buy coilovers first–forget springs)

SPC Lower Control Arms: $200.00

Alignment/ Lower control Arm install: $500.00 (Get an alignment–no point paying all that money for suspension, wheels, tires, power enhancements if the car handles poorly. I repeat, get an alignment: it’s the most important part of all this.)

Gruppe S UEL Header: $520.00

Open Flash Tablet: $500.00

Works Axleback Exhaust: $400.00 (Not yet installed)

Ft86Speedfactory Strut tower bar: $130.00

Master Cylinder Brace: $40.00

Lathewerks Titanium Shift knob with custom engraving: $200.00

Transmission Mount: $20.00

Perrin Steering Rack Lockdowns: $60.00

Perrin Air Filter: $40.00

Perrin Inlet Tube: $60.00

TRD Style Duckbill spoiler: $130.00

APR Carbon Fiber GT3 Mirrors: $300.00

TRD Louvers: $1,000.00

Rear Spats: $40.00

Front Lip: $60.00

Lamin X Fog Light covers: $20.00

Spare Set of Taillights to modify: $80.00

Gas–$30.00 per week x 104 weeks (2 years ownership): $3,120.00

Three Oil Changes: $60.00 x 3= $180.00

Grand Total: $11,720.00

This list does not include insurance ($1,600.00) or car payments ($300.00 x 24 months=$7,200.00).

I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten….

Cars aren’t cheap. They can possess you. Be careful. And to think: I want to buy a project car. Thinking an AW11 MR2 or a Mkii CRX. Leaning towards CRX, as parts are so widely available and thus much cheaper. Downside: Front wheel drive.

Until next time, keep the rubber side down.

DSC_0283_02 (2)

DSC_0279_01 (2)DSC_0130_01disc-brake-flare_00005


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