GT86 Update–the costly one

Money. Money. Money.

And some wheels and tires.

Stock–No more

Cheaper than many, I would describe myself to be (A bad PR move for a person such as myself with a large nose), but as of late I have not been such. Tossing money aside the way addicts do hope with each hit from their desired high. And such is the case with money and myself–a perilous relationship more perverse than pure, more often than not. Fetishizing (strange how WordPress disagrees with this being a word…not a kinky web developer, this WordPress) the green in an unhealthy manner. But when the moment comes to submit the bill, an icon in the color of all hazard signs offering the prompt of pay now, there follows in me a momentary high which diminishes the moment the money slips away. There then follows an excitement as the manifested fruits of your labor come into your possession. And finally, the joy of seeing a vision, however bizarre or different it may be, burst into existence. Like a dream coming to form that wavers on some fragile boundary where beyond a terrible grey threatens to wash over and become the nightmare from which you can not escape.

But this is no such story, for this has a more dreamlike finale. At least a dream to me–one who clearly has no real ones, for who dreams of wheels and tires? Que a small smile or discreet laugh.

Indeed, all this has been equal servings good and bad. Frustrations amassed over the color–for each place I inquired to I was never set up with a specialist who could provide a solid answer. IE, if this is done, then this, it will be exactly what you want. Often times, these establishments would not even respond. A frustrating few weeks in this boy’s first world. But I found a place who seemed excited to paint the wheels the color I had decided upon. The receptionist (office administrator?) was a rather capable woman, having all the colors ready for me when I got there and even humoring me in perusing the pictures I provided. At last, after 45 minutes of contemplating how best to spend a healthy chunk of money on things which cost an even healthier chunk of money, I arrived at a decision.

“It’s going to be that one,” I’d said.

It could be said that all things worth thought should possess measures of both reserve and fear, think Pamela Anderson ampleness, for any decision worth making in this one and only should not be done recklessly. And so I stressed. Stressed some more. Watched my bank account dwindle. Constantly looked at my car and immaterially compared the small 1/2″ by 1/2″ square I’d used to decide which color they would be to the ultimate vision billowing oddly in my head. Fading into obscurity one moment and then coming forth with a clarity only visionaries could know–this I am not, for I could not imagine what I was doing in toto.

I’d made a grave mistake–this was my thought. But then the fear faded away. The stress. Anxiety. What cares should one have when they have made no decisions of great magnitude. A car with round spheres to propel it into your future every day should carry no weight over the head nor heart, and in so doing I sat back and relaxed. Almost.

The call came–the wheels were done. I snuck out of work like Lawrence had proposed in Office Space. And upon arriving and paying a large bill I saw the wheels. Saw the workers standing around them and taking pictures. Asking me what vehicle they would go on. Who makes them. The price. What do I do for a living. But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

They went softly.

Before–Matte Black
20150717_170720 - Copy

Handshakes all around. Many niceties and thanks. Powder-Fab did the wheels, and they did a great job. Better than that, they truly seemed to enjoy doing it, and their enthusiasm made me happy in turn.

Next I packed it all in my car for the Saturday install. A first world chore, but it all fit. Who says a sports can’t have some utility?

Then I went to Les Schwab. Now, I’d been here two weeks prior. Told them all the details. After market wheels. After market tires. Just needed a mount and calibration and install and a smile to send me home happily. Got from them a quote. Done deal. I arrive Saturday with all my stuff. They won’t do it. After market wheels not purchased from them. Tires not purchased from them. A waste of my time. I’d just spent 1,400 dollars there on my last car not eight months ago.

Went to Goodyear and got it done. More talking and smiles and handshakes. All went well.

Without further Ado:

20150718_071946 - Copy 20150718_072011 - Copy

Wheels and tires fit after much finagling. Sweat on brow and back. Excitement somehow still livening bone and muscle.

20150718_145125 - Copy SAMSUNG

Picture of thicker tires from back. Picture of my Little Charlie dog to keep suspense looming. RIP little guy.

20150718_145141 - Copy 20150718_145115 - Copy

BLUE!!! Fitment is pretty spot on. 17×8 +35 offset. Tires are 235/40/17. Wheels are about 4-5 lbs. lighter than the stock ones. Net savings of 16-20 rotational mass. There are many figures and debates on the physics of all of it (does 1lb really equal 20lb. normally?) but the car is noticeably jumpier. Spins tires into second and third (59mph or so).

20150718_150236 - Copy 20150718_150250 - Copy

Here’s how they look in the shade. Bit darker, more midnight blue. Don’t mind my shirtless friend in the window–he was just excited and demonstrated an egregious, flagrant, if you will, lack of photography talent. My other friend is a professional, in equipment, not appearance, so hopefully I will actually get some polished photos shortly.

20150718_150147 - Copy 20150719_083348 - Copy

Additional fitment pictures. Definitely needed the front camber bolts to make it fit properly.

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 2015-02-10 12.37.45 - CopyBonus pictures of Charlie Chaplin.

I can scarcely dress myself, but I think I dressed my car fairly well. As a person who now has a website, a fast looking car with oddly colored wheels–it may comes as a shock to you, constant reader, that none of these things are very much like me. I am surprised I went through with it. I often wear grey colored clothes. Hair shaved down to a buzz since I can’t pull off style. The most plain clothes I can find–and indeed, I scarcely purchase them. In that sense, it does seem a bit dream-like that I did something somewhat daring visually. It hardly seems mine when I look out the window.

There are negative effects for those wondering about what a fast looking vehicle may bring. More compliments, yes. But the truth of it all is that there are more bitter people than enlightened. More who seek to make the lone day of another never to come again worse than those who try and make each one more fulfilling. It attracts a lot of negative attention. Drivers around you are hyper aggressive. And on and on.

But it is heaps of fun to drive.

So what is next car-wise?

No idea. Saving money.


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